Many zendos and Zen Centers use slightly different translations or interpretations of the sutras and various other aspects of the teachings.  At the Vallejo Zen Center, founded by Abbess Mary Mocine, we begin our monthly ritual of acknowledgment, repentance and renewal of intention with a going-around-the-circle check-in about how our practice is going.  This is the version of the Clear Mind Precepts used by Vallejo Zen Center in its monthly Full Moon/Bodhisattva Ceremony:

I vow not to kill, and to cherish life.

I vow not to steal, and to honor the gift not yet given.

I vow not to misuse sexuality, and to remain faithful in relationships.

I vow not to lie, and to communicate truth.

I vow not to intoxicate self or others, and to polish clarity.

I vow not to speak of others’ faults, and to create wisdom from ignorance.

I vow not to praise self at the expense of others, and to maintain modesty.

I vow not to be possessive of anything, and to practice generosity.

I vow not to harbor ill will, and to dwell in equanimity.

I vow to respect the Buddha, unfold the Dharma, and nourish the Sangha.


May we, together with all beings, be nourished by and provide nourishment to the sangha of All Being.

Love, Russ