From Kosho Uchiyama’s commentary on Dogen’s GenjoKoan, read aloud this morning (Tuesday, 7/10/12) during GenjoKoan class at Santa Cruz Zen Center:

“Giving up the view of the self and others” . . . is called accepting and settling right here (jikige joto). [ . . . ] Even though it is not possible for us to avoid the view of self and others, it is certain that there is a ground beyond this view.

[ . . . ] Whether our brain is working or not, whether we give up the view of self and others or not, whether we think so or not, and whether we believe it or not, in fact, we are fundamentally living the reality of life prior to separation between self and other, subject and object. The ground of Buddha dharma is nothing other than this ground of the reality of life beyond the view of self and others and subject and object. [ . . . ] “