Over the Rainbow – Israel “IZ” Kamakawiwo’ole:


From a conversation in the ongoing weekly Genzo-e [Shobogenzo and commentaries] dharma discussion group at Santa Cruz Zen Center:

We can think of the unconditioned, or ultimate reality, as being a field of unlimited possibilities or pure potential.  In each moment, from that field of unlimited possibilities or pure potential, a crystallized moment composed of innumerable causes and conditions constellates. That crystallized moment is the substance of what we experience as ordinary reality, or conditioned existence.  And when we mentally string together all those actually discrete, separate, substance moments (that are born and die each nano-second), we have the ongoing experience of linear time that we think of as “normal life.”

Our relationship to time is only one of the many aspects of how we experience “normal life” that can change suddenly and dramatically.  When our relationship to time, or our baseline joy level, or any other big shift happens, everything else about how we experience our lives also shifts.

Love, Russ