Sunday, February 26, 2012

Mazu’s White and Black: Case 6, Book of Serenity

DMZGH friend Jane Jasper kindly re-posted onto Facebook this Red Cedar Zen offering of a Norman Fischer talk from the 6th Zen ancestor, found in the Book of Serenity.   It’s about how all of our unhappiness comes from our incorrect views of reality.  Norman makes the case that all our views actually are not true; but no one can effectively tell us or teach us this.  This emptiness realization must emerge through our own experiences and investigations in life, which hopefully will eventually let the heart fall open.

Quote from Norman’s talk:

“The only thing that’s real is the fluctuation, the interaction, the mixing of ourselves with one another  . . .  Living together, and dying together, and communicating with one another, affecting each other’s lives – that’s the teaching.”

Here’s the link to the Red Cedar Zen website:

Wishing you a lovely Sunday –

:D  Russ