Russ’s birthday

Monday, February 20th, was my birthday, and Desert Mirror had a little special event in my honor.  After zazen, we adjourned to the guest house/reception area for a sumptuous repast of snack supper items.  In addition to the veggies, chips & crackers, smoked oysters and crab, people brought delicious, homemade vegan cupcakes, birthday cards and little presents, and we watched the movie “Happy,” which seemed to have an inspiring, uplifting effect on the watchers.

The movie presents the latest research about what we think will make us happy, what actually seems to produce happiness, and what fails to.  “The Happy Movie” seems to be part of an interesting new, growing, worldwide movement that I want to be part of.  (That I have been part of for a long time, though it hasn’t necessarily been so apparent to an outside observer.  But I have a feeling that soon it will become more so.)

Here’s another part of the worldwide movement that I want to be part of:

Sending blessings and well-being wishes to all!

Love, Russ


Robin’s Fb page offering of the Beatles’ Happy Birthday: